Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trumbull Dog Park

Well, I finally got over to the Trumbull Dog Park. It's located deep inside Indian Ledge Park, residents only allowed. But it was Thanksgiving, so in the spirit of Arlo Guthrie we thought that one big pack of dogs was better than two small packs of dogs, and rather than try to bring their dogs home we decided to have our dog join in. Besides, we never heard of a town ticketing on Thanksgiving before.

A lot of people don't understand the purpose of dog parks, which is socialization, NOT exercise. The photo below shows the proper way to greet, which is something dogs have to learn. People greet with rituals like a handshake or by saying, "Hi. Nice to meet you." Dogs sniff butts to say hello, and a polite dogs learns to let other dogs sniff HIS butt. This is the proper way for dogs to greet each other.

The Trumbull Dog Park was nicer than the neglected Milford park, but not as nice as the one in Ridgefield. It is very close to what the park in Shelton will be. It has two sides, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. It's set in thick woods, so there is no grass, and a lot of woodchips have been set down instead. The area at the top of the large dog enclosure was muddy, and our dog came home with some of stinky mud on her, though not enough to keep me away from a park like this.

The photo below is a set of three pan photos stitched together (you may need to click on it to get a better look). Some of the others in the park were having trouble with their dog eating the sticks and digging in the mud.

We made the mistake of not reading the rule until we were leaving, but met all the rules anyway. No children under 10, that was interesting. I guess they don't want any little kids getting bit or acting inappropriately with the dogs, which makes sense. Might be hard for parents to use the park if they also need to watch their kids, though.

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