Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trail Signs

I see lots of trail signs. Here's a sign for the colorblind:

Here's one that's very precise (because I might not want to hike that trail if it's only 82.633 acres):

"Make some noise and leash your deer-colored dogs":

The sign below doesn't tell you that the so called "PERMIT" is nothing more than a copy of the trail map (I discovered this only after a rather confused and furtive hike thinking I had no permit).

At Cranberry Park in Norwalk they've plastered etiquette signs up all over the park. So I'd like to suggest some more trail etiquette for the Norwalk Parks Department: Be kind and make some maps available so people can find their way. There are seriously no maps available anywhere for this park.

I can't remember where I saw this one, so let's say it was Derby:

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Dick Skudlarek said...

No signs are required to instruct me to yield to a bear!