Friday, November 6, 2009

Osbornedale State Park, Derby

Osbornedale State Park has a nice mix of forest, fields and ponds. I prefer the entrance by the Kellogg Environmental Center (there are a few displays and items for sale inside).

Along parts of the red trail, where it comes close to roads, there are several sets of old ruins.

On the edge of one of the fields, bittersweet vines (orange and red) were growing amongst the Autumn Olive berries. Both are invasive species. Birds eat the Autumn Olive berries, however, so it does have redeeming qualities. Bittersweet can be cut and used to decorate the house.

The trail is very difficult to follow through some of the fields. Here you can see a sign, but you can't see it from the opposite end of the field when you're wondering which way to go.

Here's some milkweed going to seed and blowing in the wind:
I don't know if this tree is haunted or something is living in it or what, but my dog was really nervous about it and did not want to sit for this picture.

Here's the meadow across the street from the Kellogg Center parking area. Great habitat.

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