Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to the Giant

Went back to Sleeping Giant today and fought off the mob at the busy end of the park. This is one popular place to hike. And I think there was a requirement that everyone must bring a dog. The Tower Trail was a parade of dogs.

Here's a Raven on the cliff face of the quarry (the biggest cliff I know of in these parts). They look like a big crow, but their call is more of a throaty "cronk" as opposed to the "caw" of the crow (here's a Youtube video of a Raven calling). Raven LOVE cliffs.

As a matter of fact, the first place I ever saw a Connecticut Raven was right here on the Giant's Chin, where there is another big cliff. I was sitting on this ledge and a Raven was just hovering below me without flapping his wings (I had previously seen a Raven only once, in Maine). Ravens have made quite a comeback in Connecticut. I can't remember how long ago I first saw them here - 10, 15 years ago? Now I see them all over. In Shelton they are said to be nesting in a cell tower.

Here's a "Raven's eye view" of Quinnipiac College from the Giant's Head. There appeared to be quite a few Quinnipiac students enjoying the trails today.

I came down via the easy Tower Trail, which is in deep shadow in the next picture because of the Chin, which looms overhead (that's the cliff where I first saw Ravens). This deep notch between the Chin and the Chest seems to have its own weather. In October this is where I stepped into a thick bank of fog for the scariest creepy hike I've ever had:

As soon as I emerged from the notch, it was a sunny day:

Would you expect wildflowers to be blooming at the end of November? I found these Herb Roberts blooming along the Tower Trail. It is uncertain whether these flowers are native to Connecticut or originally from Europe. They like rocky hilltops and will bloom into the fall.


Mike VanValen said...

There was a Raven in my backyard a few months back. It was my first time seeing one.

Teresa said...

I was back at the Giant last Friday and got video of a calling Raven as it few right over my head. I could hear its wings flapping. But I lost my camera at the Giant. :-(

SereneWolf said...


Go back, and stop in at the Ranger's Station (down by the entrance.) If someone found the camera, they might have turned it in. I found someone's cell phone on the rocks of the Northern face of the Blue trail (right along the edge of that quarry) and I returned it to the Ranger's Station after calling someone on the contact list to let them know to get in touch with the owner. My guess is that they probably have a pretty large lost&found "department" there...


Teresa said...

Thanks, Serene, I will definitely check there, although my name and address are engraved on the camera, so you would think someone might have contacted me. But you never know...