Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boehm Pond Wildlife, Shelton

Creeping up to Boehm Pond, alert for wildlife, we spotted what looked like a big Snapping Turtle half emerged. But it didn't seem to have a face, and must be dead and rotting or something. Getting closer for a look...

...the turtle suddenly pulled his head out of the water and scrambled away. Ahhh, so it had been hunting, pulled up on a branch, face down in the water.

The Cinnamon Fern was beautiful in the low light, living up to its name.

Lots of Bladder Sedge here along the shoreline. This video made me laugh.

Pickerel Frogs jumped along the shoreline. It's hard to remember the difference between a Pickerel Frog and a Leopard Frog, but Pickerel's are usually brown and have more rectangular spots going down the back. We also heard lots of Gray Treefrogs on our way to the pond as well.

There was quite a mat of Water Starwort off the opposite shore. The Starwort is native to Connecticut. But this pond seems to get a bit too much fertilizer or septic runoff or geese droppings.

The algae bloom along the surface looked like the Gulf oil spill for a moment. The pond seems rather healthy, however, as there are lots of sunfish and bass swimming about. And a couple of geese honked at us obnoxiously the entire time we were there.

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