Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bicentennial Park, Berlin

My day in this popular park of oh-so-many-dogs started out with woodland spring wildflowers, such as this Rue Anemone, above.

And these Hepatica leaves.

And this Wood Anemone. These were off in the woods to the right of a large meadow, where I stumbled upon what must be a brand new reroute of the Blue-Blazed Mattabassett Trail. CFPA had posted pictures of a spring workshop in the park on their Facebook page. They reportedly had 70 volunteers helping out.

Here was a new map box at the entryway off of Winesap Road.

The old red blazes for part of the dog walk loop were replaced with the CFPA standard blue/red blaze denoting a side trail to a CT Blue-Blazed hiking trail.

They built quite the bridge across the stream.

As well as a swamp walk and steps going up the hill. Those volunteers did a heck of a job!

Nature didn't seem to mind. The big timbers were covered with thousands of flying insects (not sure what kind, but I bet they breed in water), as well as this hefty Wolf Spider.

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