Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Grows at Pine Lake

Pine Lake in Shelton is becoming a popular place for people to linger and enjoy the sunshine, as I did today. Here are some fuzzy cattails just below the bridge.

I think this is Swamp Milkweed.

Red Osier Dogwood is a classic wetland shrub that wildlife loves. See the bright red stems?

This red Dewberry was easily overlooked in the leaves. Seems like a cross between Poison Ivy and Strawberry.

Gray birch is often mistaken for White or Paper Birch. But White Birch, which is much more common up north, peels.

Watch out for those Poison Ivy vines growing up the trees near the bridge. This one still had some berries.

This poison ivy vine at the bridge is growing so vigorously, people assume it's part of the tree.

Here's some Japanese Knotweed that managed to find it's way to the bridge. It's an evil invasive plant. There's not much there yet, but we better get it quick before it takes over.
This Cranberry Viburnum (Highbush Cranberry) was planted next to the bridge. It's probably a cultivar of the native plant.

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