Friday, February 26, 2010

"Snowicane" at Gristmill Trail

The big "snowicane" turned Gristmill Trail in Shelton into a series of beautiful postcards today.

The first half of the storm gave us a full day of steady rain, and the Far Mill River was really roaring. This was no 'silent snow' type of walk.

This park has a lot of invasive species. Above are some berries from a Burning Bush.

And here is some Japanese Barberry, also an invasive plant. Turkey are known to eat the berries, however.

Near Judson Street, the water spread out over the flood plain, right up to the trail.

And then the hike was cut short by water raging across the trail (that's the trail straight ahead in the picture above, where the old canal crosses under some rockwork).

It was a world of black and white.

Back towards Judson Street, the river drops down towards the falls at "The Villa", a favorite of regional kayakers.

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Dick Skudlarek said...

Must have been mushy underfoot!