Sunday, August 2, 2009

Milford Dog Park

Shelton has a Dog Park Committee and there is talk about putting in a dog park, the type that is fenced in, at the corner of Shelton Ave and Nells Rock Road, near the little white house (which the City owns). This is very close to the trail system and reservoirs, so I wanted to find out for myself whether barking is a problem and how far the sound might travel. Plus, I have a five-month old puppy that needs to meet more dogs. I figured the dog park at Eisenhower Park in Milford would be a great place to check because there is a trail system nearby.

What a disappointment! The dog park was deserted and neglected. People were walking their dogs outside of the dog park, often unleashed, in violation of park rules along the trails, but I didn't see a single dog in the dog park. It started with the rusty, creeky gate, which scared my puppy so much she refused to go inside (above).

Most of the park is in the hot sun. The only shade is under this tree.

It's nasty under the tree. The chairs are disgusting, and there was litter.
The grass was too long, even though the field right outside the fence area had just been mowed.

My puppy did her duty. Fortunately I had a doggy bag in my pocket, because the dispenser had nothing but a bird nest inside of it.

But I couldn't understand the garbage can system. Exactly what does "Clean Bags" mean? And which can was I supposed to put the doggy poo in?

So what's up with the Milford Dog Park? Was the location bad? Too sunny or too wet? Did they just not get the right volunteers to run this thing? It was such a contrast to the lovely Community Gardens in the same park. I'd like to know so this doesn't happen in Shelton. If people prefer walking their dogs off-leash along the trail to using a dog park, would it be better just to have a designated off-leash trail (like they do in Fairfield)?

I'd like to visit the Trumbull dog park next, but xenophobic Trumbull doesn't allow non-residents to use any of their parks under any circumstances, so I could get a $25 ticket for parking there.

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