Sunday, August 2, 2009

Milford Community Gardens

People have been asking for a community garden in Shelton, so I visited the garden in Milford at Eisenhower Park yesterday to see what neighboring towns are doing. In a Community Garden, people can lease a plot to plant vegetables or flowers.
The gardens look like they cover a couple acres, and this was one of the busiest areas at Eisenhower Park during my visit, with maybe eight people there working on their gardens under a very hot sun (one woman was putting a huge arm load of garden produce in her trunk). Facilities include several sheds and a port-o-let. I was surprised to find no deer fencing, especially since there was a deer crossing sign placed comically out on the road near the garden.

Overall, the garden seems nicely maintained and cheerful. There are several corners with chairs and tables where people can hang out - but only if you are one of the plot holders.

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