Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rec Path Rock Stash

Rock Stashing is yet another treasure hunting game touted as the 'green' alternative to letterboxing and geocaching because no plastic tupperwares or ammo cases are left hidden in the woods. Instead, clues direct you to special rocks that have been placed in favorite locations. The rock may or may not have something painted on the underside. I've planted a Rock Stash - Letterbox hybrid, which means not only do you find an interesting rock, there will be a letterbox containing a hand-carved rubber stamp and logbook nearby. Please sign the logbook, preferably using your trailname and a rubber stamp. Note there is no ink in the letterbox. I recommend bring red and black markers for inking up - crayolas will work fine.

The rock you will be looking for is the one in my previous post about the Stb rock formation near Old Mine Park in Trumbull (see photo above). One side is coated with Pyrite, also called Fool's Gold. It came from the nearby corporate park in the 1990's when they were blasting during construction. You'll know you have the right rock if you look closely and see the word "Trumbull" on one side and a "T" on a white spot on the other.

Clues to the Rock Stash - Letterbox
Shelton Lakes Recreation Path and "Bridge-to-Bridge" route.
White vacant house at corner of Nell's Rock Road and Shelton Avenue, owned by the City.
Closest parking is at the white house, which leaves you 400 feet of walking.

The yellow-blazed path, south
Turning into the woods.
A long rock wall, 400 feet.
It ends.
Another begins.
Four steps along the new.
Resting at the "table."
Before you sit down to admire my rock,
Look under the table
And find my black box

Note: You can log your letterbox find at

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