Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Trail Companion

Sorry, I can't help it, I've just got to show you my new puppy and future trail partner. Here's Biscuit, a fox terrior bred to hunt down vermin to the death, next to my daughter's psycho guinea pig "Cookie", who I prefer to call "Miss Piggy". Our other guinea pig is much more sane and rightfully too afraid to go near the puppy (she would run away in panic, inviting a brisk chase). But Miss Piggy is far too grumpy and bossy to be intimidated. Instead, she turns to face the puppy and expresses her annoyance with a throaty sound reminisent of Marge Simpson.

Obviously I won't let Biscuit use the guinea pig as a chew toy, so with a measure of frustration she begins copying Miss Piggy by eating whatever Miss Piggy is eating, usually lettuce or grass. Then she eats the piggy's poo. Ewe. I going to make a long-shot attempt and teaching her to help me find letterboxes, in which case she'll be my box terrior ;-)

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