Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reading the Signs

Winter hiking brings its own rewards: reading the signs of the forest. A bird of prey caught something here. Look at the feather marks in the snow on the left and right edges of the photo. (Rec Path, Shelton).

These tracks on Dominick Trail in Shelton belong mostly to coyote, along with some deer. None of those tracks are human. Think trails are just for people?

The bare spot was where a deer took a snooze (this was one of three). The deer tracks and deer poo were other telltale signs. Near Dominick Trail, Shelton Lakes.

The bare spot on the sapling (about 1 foot up from the ground) is a deer rub, where one or more bucks sharpened their antlers. The tree behind and to the right has marks going up the side of the tree where a poacher climbed the tree to hunt (Klapik Farm open space off Long Hill Road, Shelton).

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matthew houskeeper said...

Nice post!
I enjoyed the one on Milford Harbor also. (Dec 27)