Monday, April 23, 2007

Dominick Trail Treefrog

I practically tripped over a gray treefrog this evening as I was walking along Dominick Trail near John Dominick Drive. See video and pictures. I see a lot of other kinds of frogs, but not usually this species. They are a true treefrog, and their little suction cups feel weird on your fingers when you pick the frog up.

When I first got to the trail (I started on Oak Valley Road) I was greeted by a kid racing up and down Oak Valley Road on a dirt bike, who I saw going into house #6. The road goes right through the middle of the park and the entire evening was shattered for all the hikers and fishermen around the reservoir on Nell's Rock Road. Nice.

There were also the annual eggs at "J" Pond, which are easy to see from the little foot bridge south of Oak Valley.

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