Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wiacek Farm

The Wiacek Farm north of the High School is a beautiful series of meadows open to the public, although few people seem to realize it. We planning on routing the Paugussett Trail extension through the farm so the Blue Dot can get from Indian Well to Shelton Lakes, so I spent Sunday afternoon walking around the farm, looking for a dry route for the new trail (didn't find one). I did find an big old farm dump with all kinds of junk (rabbit hutch, cap to a truck, old equipment) as well as a couple cow skeletons and an old enamal teapot that I took home for a flowerpot. I also saw a woodcock out in the meadow near Mayflower Lane, deer, and turkey. Woodcocks are unusual birds with really long beaks they use for getting worms out of mud - they look more like a shore bird. The Wiacek meadows are perfect habitat for them. See photos.

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