Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sleeping Giant - Green Trail (mostly)

Arrowhead I found on the Green Trail - the Giant's Head is in the distance
To avoid the noisy crowds at Sleeping Giant (why do people have to shout at each other along the trails??), it's not enough to just go on a weekday, or to stick to the "quiet side" (Chestnut Lane).  Pick a cool, damp, moody day. It's the best weather for hiking, aside from the hazards of slick rock. I walked almost the entire length of Sleeping Giant, mostly on green,  before I saw a single person. 

Fog on Hezekiah's Knob (Blue Trail)
I set out from Chestnut Lane (no cars parked) and headed up the blue-blazed switchbacks to Hezekiah's Knob, which normally had a great view, but was shrouded in fog. The lack of sun glare and shadows, as well as the general dampness, was better for taking photos, however:

Columbine on Hezekiah's Knob just staring to open
Coming down off of Hezekiah's Knob 
 I then followed the easy Green Trail all the way to the end.  It runs along the center of the Giant, between ridges, along streams and wetlands. I found a broken quartz arrowhead after passing the Red Circle Trail. The rock formations and wild leeks were set to the sound of a babbling brook, spring peepers, and singing birds. I couldn't hear any cars or people. It was great. 

Wild Leeks and Red Trillium

Wild leeks line a stream in front of a cliff along the green trail

Really Big Millipede (about 3" long)

Red-Backed Salamander found next to a letterbox
 After a long walk between ridges, the Green Trail gradually rises to a ridge walk and abruptly ends at the Chest with amazing views (the fog had cleared by this time). 

End of the Green Trail

View of New Haven and East Rock

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