Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "Tick" in "Tick Trefoil"

How did it come to this??? She just had a bath and brush the night before!

That's the culprit right there, earlier in the year. Showy Tick Trefoil. That picture was taken in Easton, but I also saw it growing in Shelton along the powerline section of Turkey Trot Trail. The burrs in the picture above were in Naugatuck. So it's basically everywhere and that seed dispersal strategy must be working pretty well. The plant is called "Trefoil" because it has three leaves, and "tick" because the seed pods stick to everything and go for a ride like little ticks. The "Showy" part in the name is due to the fact that most trefoil species are much smaller and have tiny flowers. I had to throw out my socks this day, as they were so covered with the burrs!

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Dick Skudlarek said...

You didn't throw out biscuit with your socks, did you?