Monday, August 9, 2010

Everybody's Hungry - Shelton Community Garden

After a very late start due to neighborhood opposition, the Shelton Community Garden is really growing. Gardeners have a nice deer fence that excludes most predators.

But watch out for the Tomato Hornworm, for which I hold a grudge. I had a bunch of these caterpillars eat my entire garden one year in a single afternoon.

But wait, looks like this caterpillar is going to make a meal for a host of hungry Braconid Wasp larvae. These tiny wasps lay their eggs on various insects, and the larvae hatch out and eat the host. (One of our very youngest gardeners spotted this caterpillar and identified the parasite).

The garden isn't very big (just 30 plots), but if you get disoriented and need directions, just ask this lady. Seems like she's always there.

The deer fence is barely visible in the foreground of this picture and is working great so far. No deer, rabbits, or woodchucks yet. Bugs, crows, and fungus seem to be the biggest pests. All in all, it's been a great success.

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