Friday, April 9, 2010

Tame Toads

Here's a pair of lovebirds in my gold fish pond a couple days ago. They were like that all day. Daddy (the little one), never released his hold. Mommy would dive down from time to time, and he just hung on. But mostly they just sat in the sun while we worked in the yard.

Toads are amazingly tame and make wonderful pets. Taking the picture above, I was actually able to pick off some vegetation from Mommy's head without her moving. As a teenager I trained my pet toads to eat hamburger out of my hands (you start by putting raw hamburger or bologna on the end of a broom straw and twitch it, gradually shortening the straw).

When my son was about six, he brought a huge toad home from Vermont. I thought the poor thing might be traumatized by the long ride and fidgety boy. But the toad immediately began catching flies out of the air while my son was carrying him around.

The toads have been trilling from random ponds the past week or so. They live on land (and LOVE to eat ants), but lay eggs in the water in long strings that they wrap around vegetation. The tadpoles are jet black. Here's a short video of another toad trilling in my pond.

Some ponds get invaded by toads, like this one at Jones Family Farm in Shelton.

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