Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ridgefield Dog Park

What a delightful time we had at the Ridgefield Dog Park! This was our first visit to a functioning dog park and Biscuit had the time of her life. She ran, and ran, and ran, and wrestled, ran, wrestled, panted, ran, wrestled, sniffed, ran...nonstop for 45 minutes (this was after a 2 mile bike ride!)

Biscuit played with lots of dogs, but made a special friend with Harvey, a miniature Golden Doodle puppy that goes there twice a day. She gained much experience meeting new dogs, a critical skill for puppies to learn. I know of soooo many people who can't let their dogs meet other dogs because they were never properly socialized and will just get into a fight. But it's really hard to find a good way for your puppy to meet lots of other dogs.

The humans were also having lots of fun watching the dogs and making friends. There was lots of chatter about the dog breeds, and laughter over the doggy play.

We stayed in the side for small dogs. The picture above shows the area for the large dogs, which looks pretty much the same, only bigger. The park was very well maintained and a real pleasure to visit. The video clip below shows how much joy both dogs and their owners were getting from their visit at the park.


Anonymous said...

I love that top action photo. Great video too, the pups are having so much fun. I agree, dog parks are great places to socialize a puppy and they get so much needed exercise. -- Lone R

Anonymous said...

Just saw the photos and videos. Harvey had a blast! Let us know the next time you're headed our way for a puppy date.

Kristy (Harvey's Mom)