Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shelton Lakes Greenway Slideshow

Here's a slideshow of the "Shelton Lakes Greenway from Bridge to Bridge." It starts at Pine Lake then passes the school campus, Silent Waters, Hope Lake (Nells Rock Res.), Eklund Native Species Garden, the Nells Rock area ("the Wilderness" - which is why I put mostly pictures of animals there), Huntington Woods, and the Lane Street Meadow. It ends at the Huntington Street Cafe, where the volunteer usually congregate after an event. Letterboxers might note a feature towards the end of the slideshow that's referenced in one of my Shelton mystery boxes.

The first 1.25 mile is an "improved" handicapped-accessible path and the remain 2/3 of the route follows regular hiking trails. You start on the yellow-blazed Shelton Lakes Recreation Path ("Rec Path"), turn left onto the orange trail just after crossing Shelton Avenue, then turn right onto the yellow once again in the Nells Rock area. Bring a map! See

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