Sunday, March 22, 2009

Charles Island, Milford

What a blast we had walking the gravel bar out to Charles Island in Milford today. We timed it just right, arriving just as the pathway became exposed by the receding tide (an hour and 15 minutes before low tide). People get stranded out there all the time so it's important to arrive as the tide is still going out.

We were looking for our typical forms of "treasure" out there (which we found). We also saw lots of deer, brant, distinctive green serpentine boulders, and some interesting old fieldstone ruins. There are tales of buried treasure (Captain Kidd) and ghosts. In fact, we ran into an interesting fellow out there who told me all about the phenomena he has seen on the island.
The interior of the island is closed from May to September for nesting herons and egrets, although at low tide you can still do a nice loop along the shore of the island, as we did today. I picked up a nice rock for some "rock stashing" I plan on doing soon.


Dick Skudlarek said...

Sometime in the distant past I had heard that there was once a monastery on Charles Island. Do you know if this is true?

Teresa said...

Yes, there was some kind of religious development on the island, but I don't know exactly what it was. There was a field stone arch, about 15 feet high, and the fellow we met out there said it used to have the Virgin Mary inside.