Sunday, May 20, 2007

Silent Waters Mystery Piers

For years many volunteers have pondered the row of paired stone & concrete supports located along the base of the Silent Waters dam (see photo). What were they? The dam was built in the late 1800's and burst in 1903, never to be repaired, so the supports were probably from the late 1800's as well. Mike Picone of Aquarion took a look at the pillars for me and stated what should have been obvious to us all: The piers held up a really big pipe associated with the reservoir. Of course! Reservoirs were (and still are) used for drinking water and there is an entire infrastructure related to transferring the water from the reservoir to the public.

I also took some photos today of yellow rocket and white baneberry in bloom at the base of the dam, and some views of Silent Waters on the new path at the top of the dam (see photos).

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